yo y no 1 post up in hea n e more?


where is everyone


this board is quiet.................... *hears gusts of wind*


Hi Kimmi! Bye Kimmi

lol i just wanted to show u some love ma @ight holla!
wheres erybody at??? i been here all day and i'm bored as ish!! there aint NOBODY online!! i'm tryna fix my site but virtue is actin a fool. kim, u lucky u got hosted!!!! cuz virtue is about ta drive me insane!! i cant do nuffin in hea without it messin up! grrr!! anyway, why wuz there anotha school shooting?? thaz real ignorant. and its always them ppl that got erythang in tha world and den try ta act like they got problems. like them ppl i seen on oprah... lol this grl wuz sittin in tha bed and her motha came in ta wake her up and tell me why she wuz like MOM GET OUT!! YOU'RE PISSING ME OFF!! lol had that been me, i woulda been missin a couple teeth right about now! i dunno how ppl get away wit that ish....


Hey ya'll! I been in trouble like whoa, gettin hollered @ for nothin, gittin in trouble for stupid stuff. I mean dang, its hurtin me! I can't even use the phone! Ya kno...

Das why I ain been online. Thanx for joinin Mix Chic! An can ya'll blog?? lol, i came back an ain hardly no one said shyt!! LOL But...email me. And did u see the latest version of my site? Go see it!!



awwwwwwwwwwww kimi *sniff* u gave me a shout out in ya pop up bio thingie ............how sweet~!
Hi everyone........i finally joined this blog..........sorry i took to so long... so whats been goin on in hea?

Tata's bday is coming up soon... we all should come together and do sumthin special for her


how come nobody be postin on hea no more???